Is Auto Trading Legal

Auto Trading Legal

Auto trading is commonly legal in almost every market type like commodities, currencies, crypto, and stocks. Till now, there haven’t been any laws passed by any government or statutory body that has held automated trading as illegal. Nonetheless, every broker has the authority to decide whether they want to allow auto-trading through their platform or not. While most accept it, some companies forbid it for their clients.

What Is Auto Trading?

Algorithmic trading, also referred to as automated trading, is a trading strategy that bases buy and sell orders on accurate market information. Orders are automatically sent to the market by automated trading software through the broker’s platform. The market dynamics must satisfy the predetermined requirements for a trade setup in accordance with the trading strategy that was used to develop the trading algorithm before a trading order can be generated.

Everything about the process, from identifying trade setups to carrying out and monitoring the trade, is automatic. The trading algorithm must be validated on historical price action spanning many years before it is made available to trade on a live account. This backtesting can demonstrate the effectiveness of the method, but because the data is known, it may be prone to curve-fitting.

The resilience of the algo system must be assessed using the walk-forward methodology, also known as forward testing, which actually evaluates the system’s performance in a real-time market in order to rule out curve fitting. In the event that the economic conditions do not significantly change, a technique that performs well in forward testing is likely to perform similarly when used to trading a live account.

Why Is Auto Trading Legal?

Algo trading is frequently questioned as to its legality. The answer varies depending on where you are. Algo trading is treated like any other sort of trading in the US and other western countries. It is essentially a phase in the development of trading, which is caused by advancements in technology.

As technology advanced, traders recognised that computers were capable of much more than merely electronically sending orders. On the basis of predetermined rules, computers can also carry out trades. That was the beginning of algorithmic trading, which has since shown to be useful in helping traders automate their trading techniques and minimise the impact of trading emotions on trade execution.

With the use of AI and machine learning in trade, financial trading continues to evolve. The ongoing expenditure in technology and other technological fields suggests that algo trading is widely accepted in the western world. Therefore, there is really no justification for considering algorithmic trading to be unlawful.


It can take you years to develop an algorithmic trading system, but if you sign up for a solid course in algo trading, you can master it in a few months. The development of numerous systems to exploit multiple markets concurrently can help you spread your risks.