Common Errors In MetaTrader4


A built-in mechanism for identifying errors is present in the MetaTrader4 terminal. Errors found in software are typically expressed as numerical codes. The errors are typically located in your Metatrader terminal window’s experts or journal tabs. The most typical mistakes traders make when using the trading terminal are listed in this article.

  • Error 3:”Invalid Trade Parameters” 

It indicates that the broker found one or more of the trade parameters in your most recent order to be unacceptable. Check the lot size, stop loss, and take profit values to see if they comply with your broker’s requirements if the order was sent by a human trader. If it is an expert advisor, you should also check the comment variable because the server occasionally rejects variables with null values or double quotation marks (“”).

Check to see if your broker permits pending order expiration if the most recent order sent was for a pending order. Some brokers would only accept a value of zero for the variable and would disable this feature.

  • Error 6: “No connection with trade server”

Simply put, it means that the terminal cannot establish a connection with the server. Although a server error could be the cause, local internet connection issues are more common. Check the internet connection status in the lower right-hand corner of your Metatrader terminal to see if your internet connection is working properly. If the status indicates “No connection” or “0/0,” then there is a problem with your terminal’s ability to access the internet. Launch Metatrader right away. Although it doesn’t happen frequently, if ignored, this could be a serious problem.

  • Error 8: “Too Frequent Requests”

Although human traders are also capable of making this mistake, expert advisors are more likely to do so. Each broker is restricted in how many requests it can accept for a specific account. When an account has reached that limit, this error manifests. This is frequently an indication of poor EA logic or programming. Reexamine the EA’s rules.

  • Error 65: “Invalid Account”

In demo accounts, this error frequently occurs. Most demo accounts have an expiration date, and once that date has passed, those accounts are regarded as “invalid.” No one, not even a professional advisor, is allowed to trade using a fake account. Simply open a fresh demo account. You have a serious issue if it is a real account. Make a call to your broker right away.

  • Error 129: “Invalid Price”

Expert advisors will recognise poor programming if they see it frequently and consistently. It indicates to human traders that the market being traded at the time is very volatile. It might be entirely due to market variables, like trading news.

  • Error 130: “Invalid Stops”

Invalid stops refer to stoploss, takeprofit, or both that the broker deems unacceptable. To reduce their risk, brokers frequently place limits on stops. Make sure your stops are set at the minimum or, in extremely volatile markets, a few pip higher than the minimum. For market orders (buy and sell), some brokers do not permit the setting of SL and TP levels at the time of execution. They demand that trades be entered first, then stops are modified. The EA might need to be updated if a professional advisor runs into a problem.

  • Error 133: “Trade disabled”

This implies that MT4 is not permitted to trade using scripts and expert advisors. See the guide for instructions on how to use Metatrader’s expert advisors and scripts.

  • Error 134: “Not enough money”

When backtesting an EA, this frequently occurs. The account does not have enough money to enter the market using the current parameters, which is all that it means. Human traders may also experience this error following a significant loss from a margin call or a losing streak.

  • Error 148, “Too Many Orders”

This error occurs when the number of open orders in the account exceeds the broker-imposed cap. Pending orders are also included in the count. Don’t execute any new positions until the number of orders has been lowered. This error is frequently encountered by automated trading systems because brokers frequently set extremely high limits. Reexamine the logic of the programme.

  • Error 149: “Hedge is Prohibited”

Ask your broker if hedging is permitted. Ask your broker if they have servers that permit hedging if you are using a hedging strategy. The majority of the time, if your broker is a multinational corporation, they do, so all you have to do is request that they move your account to that server. Asking them could help you avoid having to switch brokers, saving you time. Keep in mind that it has nothing to do with the server and everything to do with the rules and laws that are in force in the territory, state, or country where the server is currently operating. Ask your broker if you can move your account to a server located in a country other than the US if your current server operates there (hedging is not permitted there).

  • Error 149: “Prohibited by FIFO Rule”

It stands for “First In, First Out.” Similar to Error 149, you may want to change brokers or servers if this rule significantly affects your trading strategy, or you may want to move on and develop a different trading strategy.

MetaTrader4 often encounters various errors during trading operations. These errors include issues with trade parameters, server connection, frequent requests, account validity, price validation, stops, trade disablement, insufficient funds, excessive orders, hedge prohibition, and adherence to FIFO rule. Resolving and monitoring these errors can enhance trading strategies.